I was curious about the ABC 7 news crew from one of our local San Francisco stations staked out on my corner most of the day. Turns out they were doing a story on the debate over graffiti vs. street art.

Street art!

In the news!

On my corner!

I’ve posted on here before about the gorgeous community street art mural serendipitously commissioned just steps from my house last October. Considering my (obvious) well-documented obsession with street art, I feel very lucky that I can’t help but walk out of my door and be bombarded by creativity & inspiration each day. Not a bad way to start the day. I don’t even mind that “my” sidewalk is now clogged with tourists snapping pictures. Which is crazy, because I normally hate crowds and people. Those little koi fish are turning me into a softy.

Check out the full article here.

San Francisco’s Lower Haight is one of the city’s most colorful, vibrant neighborhoods and street art adds to that distinction. But now there’s a lively discussion. Is it vandalism? When is graffiti art and when is art graffiti? A series of koi fish are a symbol of the debate.

"Some people don’t want the koi in front of their house or in front of their business," neighborhood activist Thea Selby said.

Selby helped create one mural in the Lower Haight. On the sidewalk below swims a school of koi which she finds problematic

"I’ve seen where the koi go down and graffiti goes on top of it and that could in some ways exacerbate graffiti and tagging," Selby said.